Useful Links and Other Information

News Sites

Don't just listen to the street gossip. Keep up with the 'Joneses' - especially those in the UK.

Here area few links to various media outlets - print, TV, radio, internet - with afocus on issues and places of interest to us British folk.

Want to read something with your tea and jam-butties at the breakfast table? Try these:
The Times - of London
The Daily Telegraph
Take a look in the Mirror - The tabloid Mirror, that is!
If you want a far broader selection of UK newspapers, you find dozens at this site:
Lots 'o Newspapers

Want to watch the 'tele' instead? Take a gander here, matey:
The Beeb (BBC) an old standby (the ONLY station when most of us left the UK!)
ITN - the first alternative to the BBC
TV across the world - this link will allow you to access (free) dozens of TV stations from around the world. Take a break from the usual perspective presented in the US, by watching 'worldwide' news on:
SkyNews (the UK sister network to Fox TV) - channel 25010 or 85573
World news (in English) on France 24 - channel 83213 0r 90014
WorldTVNews (based in St Louis) - channel 12003
RTE - the national broadcasting service in Ireland - channel 83941
Just click on 'Watch TV' to see all the listed channels. Click on 'Download TVU' to download the free TVU Player to your desktop.

Want to look up UK political sites on the internet? Start here:
Official site of British Embassy in the USA - includes passport renewal information
UK Foreign Office in Afghanistan - news from Afghanistan
UK Foreign Office in Iraq - news from Iraq

Shopping Sites

Here are some links to various stores in the UK and in the USA - that sell British stuff.
Most merchants will be glad to relieve you of your hard earned cash.

Maybe you'll want to 'just go out shopping with the girls' sometime. Great way to get together - and help the economy. Phone a friend!

Let's start locally:
The English Shop - either shop online, or in the store: 703 S. Main Street - St Charles, MO - 636-946-2245

Want to go online and buy 'lots of stuff from over there'? Then go to any of these sites:
How about St Michael's brand clothing? Get it here: Marks and Spencers - or get more 'stuff' at these sites:
British Mail Order
ASDA - aka Walmart east!

Hungry for British style foods? Order from:
British Food Shop
Hampers for ex-pats

Other varied products available on-line from:
Boots (the chemist)
Children's Books and Toys

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